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One End of God

Flicker Light Studio was formed in the 1980’s, It is where the published work and services offered by Tom Repasky can be found. Tom began exploring the sciences and spirituality shortly after his fall at age 14. He found in mathematics a way to understand the reality he found himself within. He found music a natural extension of mathematics and formed a band called The Avengers which performed around the NE Ohio area. His formal education ended after his third expulsion from Kent State University. He left rural Ohio in 1967 and began his adventure in the City of Angels, Los Angles, Ca. During that time he began to keep notes of his studies and research. He created linguistic programs that he used to alter his perception of reality. He continues his research and studies and his exploration of the place called Human.


Tom Repasky has been called a modern day Renaissance Man, a polymath. His exploration of life and his imagination begged him to express his thoughts. He taught himself how to use the tools of art, science, philosophy, psychology, spirituality. His creative expressions reflect the wonder he finds everyday.

A Place Called Human

Make your life a story worth repeating Color outside the lines Never look back You are now here doing Life Using the Light Way Projector To shine you on in the place called Human
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An Other Look

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